Social Networking Apps Development for Android OS On this site users were allowed to create profiles and to list their friends. Since then, this trend has been ongoing and including new ideas of social networking and social media such as profile and comment sharing (e.g., Facebook), blogging (e.g., WordPress), micro-blogging (e.g. twitter) wikis (e.g., Wikipedia), video sharing (e.g., YouTube), discussion forums, photo sharing (e.g., Flicker), RSS feeds, and so on. Apart from this, there are thousands of applications providing specific networking services.

These platforms/applications provided instant access to reach groups of friends but for accessing all these platforms, users are required to use PC.

Since smartphone launched, accessing social-networking platforms has become as easy as blinking the eyes. This also speeded-up social networking application development projects and more and more internet based social websites are now available in the form apps that one can easily install in his smartphone.

The top 16 Facebook apps can be classified in categories likes games, dating, lifestyle, communications, and music. Other sort of these apps can be for location, geo, and photography apps.

Now is the era of smartphones and in UK and US, half of the users do own new generation mobile devices. The market of smartphone is becoming large in size, especially when Google is providing cutting-edge Operating System at no cost that further helped phone manufacturers to launch low-cost smartphone.

Today, mobile is beyond a device that was merely used for talking to someone in the past. It is a new PC in pocket or hand. A lite tablet or smartphone installed with Android OS can be geared up with a variety of applications to provide you global connectivity. Smartphones installed with Android OS just require an app to get connected with any social-networking services. Thousands of Android Social networking apps are already out and have been installed by millions of users. For any specific operation, developers can provide Android social networking application development too.

At this moment, Android development projects can be customized to go with the needs and requirements of particular user-segment, age group, social group and ethnic groups.

Android OS is an open source platform, proving full support to customized application development. Its adaptability and wide spread market has made it the first requirement of business communities for different smartphone app developments. It is highly stable OS and application installed in Android based smartphones can function according to the capacity of device.