Photography Apps for Taking Better iPhone Photos

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. Since iPhone owners tend to never leave home without them, that makes the iPhone win by default. But the iPhone might just be the best camera in another sense: with the near-limitless assortment of apps ready for download, that little camera suddenly got a lot more powerful. Read on to discover a few of the cool things your dedicated digital camera could only dream of doing.

Hipstamatic ($1.99, Synthetic Corp.) Even though the iPhone 4 is capable of taking some really sharp HD pictures, sometimes we miss all the fun flaws of cameras from the past– vignetting, light leaks, distortions, and all. That’s where Hipstamatic comes in. While a real dyed-in-the-wool hipster might scoff at using an app to simulate the toy cameras of yesteryear, Hipstamatic is faster, less expensive, and much less pretentious. Hipstamatic even lets you switch out the lens, flash, and film of your virtual camera, so the possibilities are endless. But be warned: with all the in-app upgrades, Hipstamatic might become an addictive, expensive habit.

TiltShift Generator ($0.99, Art & Mobile) Tilt shift photography has gone from indie-art underground trend to iconic camera mod. It even made its way to a sequence in David Fincher’s The Social Network. To put it simply, tilt-shifting a photograph adds a little blurriness in all the right places, making regular-sized objects like people, cars, and buildings look like miniature toys. TiltShift Generator for iPhone won’t play with your lenses like the real thing, but it will easily let you adjust the blur, tint, saturation, and more. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and, most importantly, it looks awesome.

Color Splash ($0.99, Pocket Pixels Inc.) If the App Store had an All-Star League, Color Spash would definitely be in it. This app has been a bestseller for so long because it does one thing, and does it well. Color Spash will turn any image black and white, and then let you choose which parts of the image to bring back in color, mimicking the dramatic look of movies like Sin City. After that, you can adjust the saturation to make the picture even more striking. If you don’t have the time and patience to become a master of Photoshop, Color Splash is for you.

Darkroom (Free, Stepcase) Great as they are, iPhones have limitations. The 3GS doesn’t have a camera flash, and the flash on the iPhone 4 could drain a car battery. What’s more, sometimes a flash just doesn’t look that nice. It can flatten an otherwise dynamic photo. Darkroom is a camera app that automatically applies a series of filters to brighten and improve any photograph that was taken in low-light conditions. The results are actually pretty impressive: bright, balanced, and a lot sharper than one might expect. Best of all, the basic version of Darkroom is free.

Pano ($2.99, Debacle Software) Pano is an app that must be seen to be believed. Pano will guide the user through the steps to line up and shoot a series of photos that it will then stitch together into one amazing, hi-res panorama. Whether it’s a skyscraper-top cityscape or just a trippy, 360-degree view of your bedroom, Pano will make your jaw drop. These panoramas are perfect for Flickr or your Twitter feed, but be prepared for your friends to ask just how you did that.

10 Amazing iPhone Camera Apps for Less Than a Buck

Apple iPhone4GS has a powerful build in 5 megapixel camera. The app store features thousands of apps to enhance and boost the capabilities of iPhone camera. Photo apps features advance shooting, cropping, editing, filter and effect features with addition of direct posting to most social media network, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and others. All these makes iPhone camera one of the most popular and versatile camera in the market.

Photo Apps are amazing bargains, most apps cost less than a cup of latte. Here are 10 photo apps that cost less than one dollar, but each app take your photography to a higher level.

Camera Genius – Apple iPhone camera is notorious slow at start-up, slow to save, slow to focus. Camera Genius is the prefect do it all app. It increase the speed of the iPhone camera. It adds features such as camera zoom, time and sound capture, full screen camera button, and anti-shake.

100 Camera – You can experiment with hundreds of possible effect and filters as the app name “100 camera” suggested. Simple and intuitive interface makes this app fun and easy to use. Your creativity is limited only by your imagination.

TimeLapses – Want to watch a flower bloom in slow motions? This app allow you to shoot high-definition time-lapse movie. Camera is set and images are shot at a preset increment. This is perfect app to monitor home or office while you are away.

ComicStrip – One of the most fun app. It allow you to add comic strip like bubbles. You can create laugh of loud dialogs of your family and friends. The amount of fun is only limited by your creativity.

iDarkroom – simple easy user-friendly interface to create amazing dark room effects to your photo. Six types of effects: color filter, paper, light leak & bokeh, vignetter, noise, and frame. Prefect to add a touch of flare to any picture. Easy, intuitive sharing of your creation makes this app a must for any photography enthusiast.

TouchRetouch – Not picture prefect? No problem! Touch up or retouch any photo in an instant. Remove any un-want subject from your picture using your finger right off your iPhone.

PictureShow – Easy intuitive user interface, this app emulates well rendered analog style photo. Simple shuffle button mix frames, light leaks and noise to create awesome pictures.

Slow Shutter Cam – Artistic dream like image created using slow shutter speed. This app offers three capture modes for artsy image creation. Automatic mode adds movement with motion blur. Manual mode allow more lights to dark photograph to brighten up dark area of a picture. Light trail let you “paint” with light, creating streaking effect of light movements.

IncrediBooth – This app create old fashion photo strip just like the old-time photo booth. No coin needed.

Color Splash – Select a chosen detail and keep it in color while turning other area black and white. The effect draws attention to the chosen color or area creating striking intriguing images.

These are ten of the most popular photography apps that is currently available at the Apple app store. Each app cost less than one dollar. Specially designed for your iPhone 4GS, iPod, or iPad2. This would most likely be the most fun you’ll ever have for less than a buck.