iPhone App Developer – Know Something About iPhone Application Development

iPhone has grabbed the attention of all handheld device users in a short period. It becomes the favorite device for all kind of users whether they are from business or from entertainment. This device rank high in terms of usability and utility both. It has low learning curve so any one can operate easily.

It is believe that the sale of iPhone will reach at its peak at the final quarter of the year 2010 and almost will capture the global market for the mobile devices. Its popularity increases despite the introduction of the iPad in the market. iPad becomes the substitute product and leave iPhone as major one still.

Demand for iPhone application is growing one and still not touched its peak. In this growing application market user is at the center and all application has been developed to fulfill its needs.

iTunes store show various kind of application development viz:

• Book: All kind of iBook applications are available here. 2D/3D books, books with great images, information, etc.
• Business: You can get access to internet portals and can purchase anything, you can read books on management and get management tips in real life, investment in stock is at your finger tips, do real estate business from anywhere and anytime, etc.
• Education: Student can access algebra calculators and can do equation and solutions on it. You will have a physics tool to view record and review acceleration data. An audio book for your kids to listen nursery rhymes.
• Entertainment: You can play mini golf game. Enjoy balloon dance with high volume music. Know about dieting with playing the game.
• Finance: Investment guide at your finger tips. All about taxes and its calculations. Banking services and news about banking community.
• Games: You can play highly engaging games on your iPhone like 2010 FIFA world cup South Africa, a juicy action game Fruit Ninja, etc.
• Health and Fitness: App that relax you totally. Calorie calculator. App that keep you motivate to go for gyms.
• Lifestyle: A large collection of American poems. Books on Astrology. App that show all about your near by church or prayer house and prayer times.
• Medical: Medical calculators, Apps that give access to medical dictionaries, medical standards, etc.
• Music: Various song collections. Keep in touch with different musical groups. Get access to the online radio stations.
• Navigation: Study guides and exams application for sailors. Evaluate your riding performance by the iPhone app. Access a searchable map of various cities.
• News: Local, national and international news at your palm. Television news, news paper news, magazine news, etc.
• Photography: Apps with image galleries, special resources, tips on camera, tricks and techniques of photography.
• Productivity: Apps that improve overall productivity for instance learning your lines improve your performance for tv/theatrical shows etc. Some apps give easy to use solution to view your files.
• Reference: Some apps provide reference for restaurant in your city, gives menu, location information, menu, etc.
• Social Networking: Apps that make connect you with social networking sites and provides various social networking features.
• Sports: Apps on various games, tips, news, things want a game lover, etc.
• Travel: You can fulfill all necessities of your travels through these apps like access Google maps, locations with GPS, information about transportation, etc.
• Utility: Various utility applications like you can see streaming video, music, photo, etc. Some mobile applications allows you call anywhere in the world with cheap rate. Some apps design to organize your keys for easy identification. Simple RPN calculators.
• Weather: Keep you aware of latest weather development and forecasts.