10 Amazing iPhone Camera Apps for Less Than a Buck

Apple iPhone4GS has a powerful build in 5 megapixel camera. The app store features thousands of apps to enhance and boost the capabilities of iPhone camera. Photo apps features advance shooting, cropping, editing, filter and effect features with addition of direct posting to most social media network, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and others. All these makes iPhone camera one of the most popular and versatile camera in the market.

Photo Apps are amazing bargains, most apps cost less than a cup of latte. Here are 10 photo apps that cost less than one dollar, but each app take your photography to a higher level.

Camera Genius – Apple iPhone camera is notorious slow at start-up, slow to save, slow to focus. Camera Genius is the prefect do it all app. It increase the speed of the iPhone camera. It adds features such as camera zoom, time and sound capture, full screen camera button, and anti-shake.

100 Camera – You can experiment with hundreds of possible effect and filters as the app name “100 camera” suggested. Simple and intuitive interface makes this app fun and easy to use. Your creativity is limited only by your imagination.

TimeLapses – Want to watch a flower bloom in slow motions? This app allow you to shoot high-definition time-lapse movie. Camera is set and images are shot at a preset increment. This is perfect app to monitor home or office while you are away.

ComicStrip – One of the most fun app. It allow you to add comic strip like bubbles. You can create laugh of loud dialogs of your family and friends. The amount of fun is only limited by your creativity.

iDarkroom – simple easy user-friendly interface to create amazing dark room effects to your photo. Six types of effects: color filter, paper, light leak & bokeh, vignetter, noise, and frame. Prefect to add a touch of flare to any picture. Easy, intuitive sharing of your creation makes this app a must for any photography enthusiast.

TouchRetouch – Not picture prefect? No problem! Touch up or retouch any photo in an instant. Remove any un-want subject from your picture using your finger right off your iPhone.

PictureShow – Easy intuitive user interface, this app emulates well rendered analog style photo. Simple shuffle button mix frames, light leaks and noise to create awesome pictures.

Slow Shutter Cam – Artistic dream like image created using slow shutter speed. This app offers three capture modes for artsy image creation. Automatic mode adds movement with motion blur. Manual mode allow more lights to dark photograph to brighten up dark area of a picture. Light trail let you “paint” with light, creating streaking effect of light movements.

IncrediBooth – This app create old fashion photo strip just like the old-time photo booth. No coin needed.

Color Splash – Select a chosen detail and keep it in color while turning other area black and white. The effect draws attention to the chosen color or area creating striking intriguing images.

These are ten of the most popular photography apps that is currently available at the Apple app store. Each app cost less than one dollar. Specially designed for your iPhone 4GS, iPod, or iPad2. This would most likely be the most fun you’ll ever have for less than a buck.

The Best Apps for Photography – 2013

We all want to take photos of things that mean something to us or that we think are or look cool and in this day and age, it is easy to download photography apps that make them look awesome in seconds with just your smartphone. They are doing great things for keeping up the popularity of photography for all ages. These all help you with editing photos that you have already taken and can have varying effects so that you can bring out the effects that you wanted your phone to do automatically. So for those of you out there who want just this, then here are some highlights on the best photography apps for 2013, in no specific order.

Camera+ is generally for iPhone and iPad users who want to use the app to bring out effects and zooming so that you can snap away but add all sorts of effects afterwards.

And then there was Instagram that everyone knows because of how popular it is on social networking. The smartphone photography app gives you the option of 16 different filters, uploads it to your social media and saves the image onto your camera roll. This is ultimately a good rounder, gives you what you need plus a little more.

Autostich is awesome for making your own panoramic shots on all sorts of occasions. It cleverly recognises the elements in the image and makes it easy for you to shoot your 360° environment with only the length of time it takes to shoot all the photos.

iDarkroom is great for getting vintage darkroom effect photos with tons of options as to lighting and shading and different colour filters. This is another smartphone photography app that allows you to share on social media.

Diptic enables you to place your image onto a format, layout or grid. This allows you to play around with many images and contrast them against each other. You can make a sequence of photos, make a before and after effect, with anything, regardless of whether it has changed.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris is perfect for those who want to take interesting and beautiful outdoor photos. It cleverly lets you use mapping tools that allow you to work out where the best angle to take the photo from is based on the light available. It does this by detecting where in the world you are and at what time of day and uses this information to give you guidelines.

Another is Snapseed that adds a little more than providing the general filters etc. because it allows you to manipulate the transparency of the textures that are captured in the image. Also, it allows you to apply more than one filter and different variations and manipulations that ultimately give you all the control over an endless variety and choice of ultimate styles and effects for the image without requiring special skills on image editors or even photography itself.

There are many more smartphone photography apps that are available but it what is most suited to you depends on what you want to shoot, what effects you like, the tricks and tools that they provide etc. So if you are keen to explore and play around, download a few, try out different shots and uses and see what is the best smartphone photography app for you.